viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Spanish Naturally, online spanish lessons

I work online with this platform for spanish lessons, Spanish Naturally

It is no just about online lessons, but also about a constructive view of the world and specifically of spanish culture. It shows a compromise with sustainable practices and social responsability, caring a lot for the people and the human reports. And that makes the difference. Among its activities Spanish Naturally is a project linked to the country and the respect for the enviroment and gives the students the chance to stay in Spain por free, helping on young rural development projects like these

The online courses are one to one and completly personalized, and the way the lessons work is very easy for the student. There is also a very interesting blog on wich you can find many useful tips for learning spanish.

"We like people. We like languages and we like teaching. We know that each person is different and this is why we preffer teaching spanish one to one.
We want to be a bridge between different cultures, and this is why we preffer teaching spanish online, from Spain's everyday life to wherever you are in the world!
Like you, we want to live in a better world, so we have a strong compromise with sustainable practices, and we collaborate with some enviromental projects in Spain that would host you if you want to have a linguistic holiday and experience a different Spain.
If you want to know more about us you can have a look at our site or follow us on social media,WE HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT!"
If you want to know more you can have a look at the profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or directly contact by mail

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  1. Can a new learner find online lessons on Spanish useful? According to some students who I used to teach Spanish, learning Spanish online is not a good idea because then their learning is unattended and if they learn wrong pronunciation then there is no teacher to correct them.

    Junu Jinnie
    Spanish school Costa Rica

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  3. If you have a look at the website you can see how we work. Each lesson is by skype with a native teacher, talking one to one and tailor made. We also use online complementary materials and tools to help in the learning process in a supervised way. We're trying to make the difference! Thanks!